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HBS Sponsors Coley's Cause Memorial Golf Tournament



For the 6th year in a row, HBS was proud to be a corporate sponsor of Coley's Cause Memorial Golf Tournament.

This year, the event took place on Friday June 25, and both Donna Levine, President of HBS, and Kim Levine, Director of Billing Ops, volunteered their time to help make the tournament a success.

Please visit if you’d like to read more about Donna and Kim’s beloved niece, or to learn more about the annual Coley's Cause Memorial Golf Tournament.

Coley's Cause is a charitable trust foundation that seeks to raise desperately needed funds for the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund (FARF). Because Fanconi Anemia is an orphan disease, FARF serves as the single source of funding for issuing critical research grants in support of learning more about the genetic pathway of Fanconi Anemia and refining treatment protocols.

Coley’s Cause also seeks to increase awareness of Fanconi Anemia and the devastating impact on the lives of afflicted children and their families.

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